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I’m available to chat by email, phone, Skype chat, or in person for those in Kathmandu City.

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Use the form below or email me at [email protected]

Phone / Skype

I will give out my personal mobile number / Skype username to all clients if requested. I choose not to disclose my telephone number online as I have to be selective regarding what information I make available on the web.


I am temporarily living and working in Kathmandu, though my business is registered in Mahendranagar, my permanent residence. I work with clients all around the world, so please do get in contact.

Social Networks

You can find me on the social networks below or read more about me here.

Facebook – Bhaktaraz – Website updates.
Facebook Profile – My personal profile.
Google+ – Discussion & links I share.
Twitter – Design links I share.
LinkedIn – A business networking website.

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