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Caching Data in Symfony2

It is not too easy to enhance the performance of your application. In Symfony2 you could get benefit from caching. The most effective way to improve performance of an application is to cache the full output of a page and then bypass the application entirely on each subsequent request. The cache is the “middle-man” of

Awesome Symfony2 Bundles

A list of awesome Symfony 2¬†bundles, utilities and resources. User Management * FOSUserBundle¬†– Adds support for a database-backed user system. * HWIOAuthBundle – OAuth client integration. Supports both OAuth1.0a and OAuth2. * JMSSecurityExtraBundle¬†– Enhances the Security Component with several new features. Web Services * FOSRestBundle – Provides various tools to rapidly develop RESTful API’s &

Best High Ranking PHP Frameworks for Web Developers

Today I’m going to share the most high ranking PHP frameworks for web developers to achieve the high performance. Based on research in many web sites and my experience I’m sharing this information. 1. Symfony Symfony created in 2005 a very powerful MVC Framework, Drupal the most popular Open-Source CMS uses Symfony components. Faster and